Parliamentors project 2020/21 – University of Liverpool Team.


The personification of understanding the relationship between Politics And Media

ASK PAM is a social action project created by five university students based in Liverpool , founded on the creation of bridges between young people, and other races, cultures and religions through the destruction or de -‘mything’ of microaggressions based in the media.

In a time where most things are online, especially in the current climate- rendering nearly everything onto the virtual world, as a team we realised the impact the media hosts on young people. From social media, to news pages- everything we watch to some extent influences the choices and opinions we make and hold everyday. From something as simple as choosing not to use a plastic bag after watching a thirty second clip on the impact plastics have on the environment- to crossing the street when you see a young black individual in a hoodie- after reading an article about high knife crime in young black males.

Everything we consume, hosts importance- often, and unfortunately regardless of the factual evidence behind it. 

Yet we are firm believers that what we consume, must not consume us.

Social media often provides a distorted, and politically biased presentation of both current events, but also races, religions and identities. Our social action project, through workshops, our own apolitical social media, and blog posts hopes to give a neutral insight into current events- while deconstructing the stereotypes and microaggressions deeply embedded in media- which often go unrealised. 

Our blog hopes to bring different voices from a variety of different cultures, races and religions to have an opportunity to write about their own perceptions and experiences with media microaggressions, but also as a safe space to share experiences of their own culture. From art, to food- music to dance, we hope to create an all encompassing virtual reality that celebrates bringing culture together while breaking down the bridges that often keeps them apart.

Furthermore, while in person workshops may remain halted due to COVID-19, we hope to develop age friendly content and informative worksheets focussing on celebrating culture, and the importance of ‘fact-checking’ or understanding how media and critical engagement works. We aim that from our project, people begin to take away a thorough understanding of a variety of readings and form their own opinion based on their engagement, whilst learning and appreciating different cultures, races and religions- when they previously may not have had such opportunity. As well as creating a space that celebrates the union of different identities and our ability to share and value them all as ( for now ) an online community. 

In the future we hope to progress this virtual celebration of identity into a physical binding or publication of blogs, essays and experiences- as well as abstracts from different culture, races and religions ( such as recipes, holy events and dialogues to dance styles and music) into a book. When social events are rescheduled or allowed to take place we hope to understate planning t create our virtual reality, a real one- brought workshops in schools and public celebrations of faith and racial identity in the Liverpool city centre. Whilst this may seem some time away, it is something we are passionate about encompassing into this project. We understand that tackling social issues is not a timely project to be completed in a matter of months, but instead a movement with real people, real problems and real solutions.

We hope you stay engaged and interested in our journey! And keep your eyes peeled on how to enter you own questions, no matter how small or large, submissions or essays! Or stay ready for ours!

One love,

The Liverpool Team x

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